Sunday, December 16, 2012

Special orders and Shopping

Here is what has been going on in my studio as the year draws to an end...
 This was a special request for Michelle. She sent me the pattern and wanted the doll dressed in reds and asked if I could make a puppy for her. Here is how she turned out.

I made these terry cloth "Remember Me" bears and dressed them with shirts made from a special Grandpa's shirts. They are going to join some made earlier this fall.
A friend requested a Santa Kitty made from warm and natural. I wasn't sure how he would look but he did turn out cute!
Friday I decided it was a good idea to make the 200 mile journey to the fabric stores see what I could find. I have been taking advantage of some of the online sales to rebuild my fabric stash, but some times it is fun to go to the stores! I hit JoAnn's coupon sale, found some bargains at Hancock Fabrics and rounded it out with a trip into Hobby Lobby.  A perfect day in my book! LOL!
Found lots of fleece, muslin, terry cloth and flannel. I have plush felt coming in the mail...I should be all ready to start creating for next year!

Now I need to clean and reorganize my rooms (that will be no easy task), fit in my new purchases and start crafting...after Christmas, of course!

Best Wishes for a glorious Christmas and the Happiest of New Years to my wonderful family, friends and followers!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Back to my craft room

Grandma's little buddy went home yesterday- it sure is quiet around here (and a little sad) after having my kids home for a week.

So, back to the craft room.  Today I have been working on orders from my craft shows and a few from my Etsy shop. These guys are already for their new homes so I need to make a few phone calls and find a couple of boxes tomorrow.   I am anxiously waiting for deliveries from JoAnn's and Hancock Fabrics-did some online fabric shopping this weekend!  Off to cut out some more projects.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

OFG Holiday Celebration starts Monday Nov. 26

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family, friends, and turkey- I know I did! How fast the day comes and least the memories last.
 I imagine a few of you did some Black Friday shopping to kick off the Christmas Shopping Season. Ready for some relaxing, couch shopping? The OFG Etsy Team is proud to announce a celebration created with all new items for your shopping enjoyment. Below is a sample of treasures. To see all of the items, go to Etsy and enter SOCOFG in the search bar, then be prepared to be amazed at all of the wonderful items.
This is the perfect way to get a unique item for that special person on your list! Happy shopping!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another Successful Show...

My last show for the season is finished---it turned out to be the biggest one I have ever had! There were several last minute shoppers and I forgot to take a picture before I packed, but here is all I had left. Thank You to all of my wonderful customers!
I need to remember to leave the fall stuff home next year as I only sold 3 or 4 pieces. Shoppers have definitely moved on to Christmas!
Its time for a little rest and relaxation tonight. Tomorrow I will need to reorganize, maybe clean some house to get ready for Thanksgiving and some family time. One of my daughters is already home for the week and the other one is coming with her family on Wednesday...going to have some Grandma time, some fine dining and some crazy shopping this week! It doesn't get any better!!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone...Deb

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Show #2- Winterfest

Its time for my second and last show of the season. I love doing shows but they are soooo much work.
Here is a picture of one side of my booth this morning before the show opened...
...and here is the other side. Stuff is pretty packed in and it is full under the tables, too.

The weather was awesome and traffic was brisk and...
...7 hours later this is how it looks. It is challenging trying to spread stuff out so it looks like there is still something there! Nice problem to have!
Here is another angle. I think it could be a pretty long day tomorrow. Wonder if anyone would think it strange if I had my machine there and did some sewing?

Awesome shows like this is what makes them addicting!

Gonna have a busy week replacing items in my Etsy shop!

Take care,

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Craft Show Booth Pictures

Wow- I can't believe how long its been since I have added a new post. Time flies when you are getting ready for craft shows! Here are a few pictures from my booth last Saturday. 

Some Fall and Halloween items with some cats...
A variety of snowmen... big, little, and some with lights...
...and more snowmen.
It was fun to have some BIG guys back. I haven't been able to make them since Walmart quit selling the Morning Glory stuffing.  I am soooo glad its back!


  Today I have been working on kitties- they continue to be a hit online and at my shows. I need to sew a few more cheeks and then get some hats and scarves on them. 

 And then there are some more snowmen to finish for another show next weekend.
I love doing shows and visiting with customers, it is so good for the ego! :0)
More pictures soon....Deb

Friday, October 5, 2012

Let the Celebration begin!

Its getting to be that time of year-the leaves are falling, the grass has turned brown, and the flower pots have been emptied. Need I  say it...the Holidays are approaching. If you want to get a jump on your decorating or gift shopping  it is time to get excited---the OFG Team has put together a celebration with all new items for your shopping pleasure.

 I hope you will take a few minutes to check out the wonderful treasures the talented OFG Team has come up won't be disappointed! So grab your favorite drink, go to and enter CWWOFG in the search bar, then sit back and enjoy!

Happy shopping,

Monday, October 1, 2012

Winter Wonderland Giveaway

Are you ready to win a treasure in a celebration for the upcoming Holiday Season?  Check out this amazing selection of prizes that Brenda of The Rusty Thimble has put together with donations from fellow blogging crafters. There are 23 treasures and there will be 23 winners (plus a special prize for winner number 24).

Here are some of the treasures-

and some more...

and yet more!

There will be a grand prize for one lucky winner. ALL of the names will be entered into a drawing for a $20 gift certificate to the shop of your choice. Brenda from the Rusty Thimble is donating the gift certificate.

Intrigued? Entering is simple...go to The Rusty Thimble to enter and for complete details. But be sure to leave a comment on my blog before you go for an extra chance to win. Be a follower (includes new followers) for another chance to win. 
GOOD LUCK and have fun browsing through all of the shops.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Special Order Completed

I created this ghost with his spider as a special request from an inspiring customer! It is so fun to get requests and make them come to life. I found a miniature scrabble game this summer at a rummage sale and I used some of the tiles as buttons that say BOO.
Hope he makes you smile, Michelle!
Thanks so much,

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dipping bulbs in silicone

I have a couple of things I want to try this summer and I finally got around to one of them! I had bought a bunch of the plastic flicker candles to use in my crafting, but they needed some help. I painted and grunged them but didn't like the bulb. I had pinned a tutorial on how to dip bulbs in silicone and wanted to try it so here is my effort.

I started by filling my bowl with silicone caulk- deep enough to cover my bulb, added a few drops of scented oil and some mineral spirits to thin the caulk a little.

I wrapped a piece of wire around the bulb to hang it by to dry,
and then dipped the bulb and twisted it as I pulled it out of  the caulk mixture as I didn't want a really smooth finish.

Then I hung them up to dry and took some pictures (which really did not turn out very well and I apologize). Seems simple enough the process of taking pictures I bumped my frame and knocked everything down. Sooooo-I wiped my bulbs off and started all over again. Don't ya hate it when ya clutz out!!
And here is what I ended up with. On some the candle will be cut off to use only the top, and on others the bottom will be inside the item and won't show. I don't have long tails on these bulbs as I used a little thicker caulk mixture since I didn't want them- I just wanted to frost the clear glass bulb. You can add color, cinnamon, or other ingredients for variety but I kept this first venture simple.
Click here to see the tutorial from Sue at Oodlekadoodle Primitives  where I found my inspiration and guidance from.  Visit her blog for complete instructions and see some of the bulbs she has created-she did a wonderful job creating the tutorial!

One project done- at least one more to try. I want to grunge wax candles next-wish me luck!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dozens of flowers blooming for a custom order!

I love Fall but I am not so fond of what follows, so I do hate to see summer end. We have had some pretty cool nights already, as low as 39 degrees, and it sure makes if feel like Fall will be here sooner than later.  But thanks to a wonderful customer, I have had flowers sprouting up like crazy and I thought I would share them with you.
This was the first set- a beautiful rainbow array to compliment her rainbow themed collections.

Then I made a couple of sets of prim sunflowers, each set a little different. I know I have a picture of the others but it must be on another card.

Yesterday I finished two sets of prim sunflower bowl fillers. This first set has burlap centers per her request-I love how they turned out. I wasn't sure if the burlap would unravel before I could get it sewed or not, but it worked out!
And the second set has chenille centers. I love the way they look, too! It is so fun to get a special request from a customer....and it is even more fun when I get it to turn out! Such a feeling of accomplishment!

These flowers will all be off the the beautiful state of Hawaii!
Thanks, Elke for making my summer last longer!

Now back to pumpkins,witches and snowmen-

Friday, August 17, 2012

"Fall Into Thanksgiving with OFG" is underway!

It is time for the first Fall Celebration by the Old Farmhouse Gathering Team (OFG). Stop by and see all the NEW items that have been created and listed especially for this celebration...I promise, you will not be disappointed. There is something for everyone!
The slide show below is just a sample of the new treasures. Enter FITOFG into the search bar on etsy to check out all of the wonderful items.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Preparing for the Fall Craft Season

That exciting season is fast approaching...Craft Season! The majority of my treasures revolve around the fall and winter seasons so I do a couple of local craft shows. I love selling at can you not love it when people are buying the fruits of your labor and telling you how much they love them. It is so good for the soul!

I continue to work on building my inventory- body parts are starting to pile up. Snowmen and cats in this room...
..and more snowmen in another room. Need I say snowmen are my favorite?  So many snowmen to make and the days are flying by. I can't seem to keep up with myself!
I spent today on my sewing machine stitching together  piles of items I had cut out earlier. I now have cats, several different snowmen, a couple of different reindeer, some snelfs (snow elfs) and mice sewn together and ready to turn and stuff. There are about 45 items in this pile for my evening enjoyment.

I have a couple of custom orders to get done and then back to some Halloween and Fall items. Snowmen will get stuffed and assembled later!

On another note, the OFG team is having a Fall Into Thanksgiving Celebration that starts this Friday. Lots of new Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving items will be unveiled. I will have 4 new Halloween items featured. I hope you will stop back and check it out. I will post the link on my blog.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Trying a Wood Project

Here is my latest fabric or stuffing involved in this one! My daughter and I saw an airplane rocker we thought the newest man in the family needed. Of course, being the 'try anything' crafty person I am, I pipe up "I can make one of those". Some day I need to learn to think before I speak!! Anyway, I found a pattern and here is how it turned out.
I traced the pattern onto my wood, grabbed my safety goggles and fired up the scroll saw.
A couple of hours later I had a pile of pieces cut out, sanded and ready to paint. I got so excited to put it together I forgot to take a picture of all the painted pieces.
And wouldn't you know it, the assembly diagram was missing from my pattern, so I only had the written directions, but I got it done and everything appears to be in the right place! :o) it is...all together and even personalized with tail numbers and "Li'l G".
This is the first project like this I have done...I feel kind of proud looking at it! Plus it was fun to do!

And here is the new pilot checking out his first plane. Gotta make sure that propeller is going to spin!

This is a special gift for his first birthday that he got a little early when he come to visit Grandpa & Grandma. He sure kept us busy during the day- we let Mom & Dad take the night shift!
They headed back to Indiana today so Grandma is a little sad-it has been awfully quiet around here since they left.

Well, after playing Grandma for the last couple of weeks, I guess it is time for me to get back up to my sewing studio to finish some orders and get some new fall items done!

Take care and keep smiling,

Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Treasury

I can't believe it has been over a week since my last post. Hopefully tomorrow I will get a project finished and pictures taken so I can show you my latest venture.  Been working with wood for a treasure for my grandson and I am anxious to share! For now, here is an OFG Team promotion...

"The Pirates of the Old Farmhouse Gathering Team have been busy gathering all kinds of Good Loot!! Check out the Primitive Plunder found by our OFG Pirates!"


 'Pretty Pink Plunders' by MyStitchesToTreasure

Here is another treasury featuring beautiful items in pink plundered from OFG Teams.Enter OFT in your search bar to find hundreds of items and do some plundering of your own! Have fun browsing!

Angel Christmas Orn...

Rustic Pastel Pink ...

Prim Shabby Vintage...

Chocolat Heart Shab...

Pillow Round Croche...

G62 -Girly Girl, Ta...

Snowman Basket Cent...

Decorative - Welcom...

Soft shabby PINK RO...

Spring Pink Geraniu...

Vintage Pyrex Pink ...

Tulip basket handwo...

Feedsack Fun Bird G...

Primitive Farmhouse...

Magnet Board

Briar Rose - Youth ...