Friday, February 24, 2012

Finished it Friday!

I finally finished up my Chocolate Jellybean Bunny and my Peter Cottontail Book and got some pictures taken to share. Hurrah!! Now to write descriptions and list them on Etsy. I'm just thinking how far I've come the last few months. I opened my Etsy shop last April with a handful of items. I listed them and they sat there..not so much fun...I was scratching my head trying to figure out why I had thought this was a good idea. Towards the end of the summer, my friend Natalie from Tins and Treasures, encouraged me to join an Etsy team, set up a facebook page and a blog. I'm thinking this sounded a little complicated and outside my comfort zone, but...I've always enjoyed learning new things. Wow- I had NO idea what I was in for. I kind of thought I knew my way around a computer, talk about humbling! I know I would have probably closed my Etsy shop and hung all of this up if it wasn't for the great support from the gals on the PAFA and OFG teams I joined, and a couple of private sessions with Natalie. I have to say a great big 'Thank You' for all the help I've received in this adventure. I am still working on increasing the inventory in my shop, but hey- I actually have a blog, a facebook page, and I am on Pinterest! I have also learned how to do my own shipping, and my photography is coming along. And I've passed my 50 sales mark! I think I will stick around for awhile! Have a great day...Deb

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