Friday, May 25, 2012

My new yard space

Here is how project 'remove more grass' began.  Last summer I found this fountain and metal arbor during some 'Crazy Days' shopping.  You know how one thing leads to another...I told my husband I was doing it for him so he doesn't have to mow around all the bushes. Not sure he bought it, but he did admit it was nice when he mowed after I had finished.
This is what I've done this last week. I took out the rock and the block border along the house then reused the landscaping blocks to make new borders, laid down some fabric and filled it with mulch. My husband humored me when I drug him to Menard's to help me bring home 50 bags of mulch...I used 25 of them here. That way he can say he helped!
I found a concrete bench and added a few plants. I added some other 'yard art' pieces I collected during some after 'Crazy Days' shopping. I love a bargain!  I need to find a few more plants to fill in a little but its a good start. I kind of ran out of gas and need to recharge a little bit!
This side is looking pretty good- I  just need those plants to grow some!

I decided to put plants in the fountain as I have some small neighbor kids that LOVE water...but then, what kid doesn't love to play in the water?

 Here is where another 20 bags of mulch went. We redid our deck last fall and thing leads to another. The edge of the flower bed no longer ended the same place as the deck. Plus, all of the other flower beds in the back yard are mulched and this section had river rock. My neighbor and I loaded rock into wheel barrows and my husband schlepped it across the street to her house for a project. Then I got to put in new edging and mulch. Seems it would have been an easier project than the last one but there was A LOT of rock to move! I've been ending most of my days with a soak in the hot tub so I could move again the next day!

 In between these big projects, I managed to plant my pots and freshen the mulch in the rest of my yard. Some days I wonder what it is that I don't like about winter...sure seems to be a lot less work! Oh well, I need to plant some grass and then remove wall paper from my closet so I can paint it and my bathroom...I know--who wall papers a closet!!! Practically our whole house was papered when we moved in- this is about the last room I have to do. My sewing room is papered yet but I WILL NOT be emptying that room to 'unpaper' it! Ahhh-soon I will be back to creating and crafting.
Until next time, keep smiling!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

OFG Summer Celebration has begun!

 The OFG Team Summer Celebration is off and running! There are dozens of NEW items created just for this celebration. Click here to check them out yourself. One of the treasuries I have been featured in and a couple of my items are posted below. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Summer Celebration-

It's time for another promotion from The Old Farmhouse Gathering Team. There will be lots of brand new items created especially for this promotion! All will be revealed on Thursday- May 17.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

More of Grandma's Adventure

 Oh my gosh, where has the week gone? I completely lose track of time when I can finally get outside to my yard... and that happened this week! I will do a post when I finish with my spring yard project. Today I want to share pictures from the rest of my trip to visit my daughters.

This is my oldest daughter, Jenny, who lives in Chicago. She picked me up from my younger daughter's home in Indiana and off we went to play at her house.
 Our project for this visit was to transform a flower bed and create an outdoor sitting area. We made a couple of trips to round up plants, chairs, a firepit, bags of mulch and a few more plants!

 Here is the flower bed we when we started. We transplanted most of the flowers that were in there so we could start over.
And here is how it looked when we were finished.
We also extended the bed down the fence to connect it with another bed.  And we added a touch of fun-meet Chet.

The new quiet place...

We planted a couple of bushes on the left hand side of this space, transplanted the peony to the right hand side of the garage and added a couple of perennial grasses down the fence line. We found a couple of comfortable chairs  and a small table  along with a fire pit. It is hard to see in the picture, but we also added some  rope lights across the top of the garage. And wa-laa...a private little space to  spend summer evenings and make smores. Doesn't get much better than that! Unfortunately, we were unable to make smores as it started raining just as we finished. Guess that will have to wait until the next visit!

Jenny & Gretta trying out the new space
There is a world of difference between playing with the grandson and playing in the dirt, but I had a blast doing both...what a great trip! I love my time with my girls and their families...can't wait for the next round of adventures.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Grandma's Adventures...

What fun it is to be Grandma! Here is my first grandchild- Greyson.  I spent a week with this adorable little guy (and his parents)...we had so much fun!

 He kept me very busy... I didn't even post on my blog while I was there! Here he was catching me up on what he has been doing and all the things he has learned the last few months since I saw him.

He LOVES to be outside-just look at that smile! Unfortunately it was windy and rainy a lot of the time, so we didn't get to spend much time outside. We did get a couple of walks in and  looked out the windows a lot! Greyson and I  played while Mommy did some cleaning and participated in some phone conferences for work- I got the better end of that deal!

We also  watched some Baby Einstein and played with toys that make music...this young man loves music! I see a drummer in the making. Grandma promised Greyson a set of drums to go with his piano for Christmas, but Dad is thinking that is not such a good idea...unless they are at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Hmmmm-wonder what Grandpa will say about that!

Vicki has some tempting recipes on her pinterest boards- we picked out the Snickers
Brownies to try. They were mighty yummy! We pretty much took care of that pan by ourselves...just to make sure we liked them. Probably going to have to make them again!

Here is my wonderful daughter and son-in-law. It   is so much fun spending time with them...I can't wait for another trip!

I managed to get a couple of small home improvement projects done and help with a little spring cleaning during naps. (Notice how those windows sparkle!)  Good to make oneself a little useful so the kids can't wait for ya to come back! :O)

Stop back in a couple of days for more hilights from my visit!