Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Grandma's Adventures...

What fun it is to be Grandma! Here is my first grandchild- Greyson.  I spent a week with this adorable little guy (and his parents)...we had so much fun!

 He kept me very busy... I didn't even post on my blog while I was there! Here he was catching me up on what he has been doing and all the things he has learned the last few months since I saw him.

He LOVES to be outside-just look at that smile! Unfortunately it was windy and rainy a lot of the time, so we didn't get to spend much time outside. We did get a couple of walks in and  looked out the windows a lot! Greyson and I  played while Mommy did some cleaning and participated in some phone conferences for work- I got the better end of that deal!

We also  watched some Baby Einstein and played with toys that make music...this young man loves music! I see a drummer in the making. Grandma promised Greyson a set of drums to go with his piano for Christmas, but Dad is thinking that is not such a good idea...unless they are at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Hmmmm-wonder what Grandpa will say about that!

Vicki has some tempting recipes on her pinterest boards- we picked out the Snickers
Brownies to try. They were mighty yummy! We pretty much took care of that pan by ourselves...just to make sure we liked them. Probably going to have to make them again!

Here is my wonderful daughter and son-in-law. It   is so much fun spending time with them...I can't wait for another trip!

I managed to get a couple of small home improvement projects done and help with a little spring cleaning during naps. (Notice how those windows sparkle!)  Good to make oneself a little useful so the kids can't wait for ya to come back! :O)

Stop back in a couple of days for more hilights from my visit!


  1. Lindo neto!Parabéns!Pena morar longe de você.Um abraço e aproveite para fotografar...

    1. Thanks, Tubilinha-
      I am kind of prejudiced but I think he is beautiful, too! I do hate being so far away but have my fingers crossed they will move back closer. Until then, visits, computer chats and pictures will have to do!

  2. How special! I have a feeling you will be going back to that little sweetie real soon!
    Be blessed,

  3. Thanks, Cindi. You are right- I will be making that trip again as soon as I can!

  4. He has a beautiful smile! It must be hard to live so far away from him. On the other hand, when you make the trip, you can enjoy his company full-time!!

    And yes, those windows sparkle. I would love to have you in Belgium ;-p.


  5. Hi Goedele,

    It's very hard to be so far apart. At least I can 'see' him on the computer- makes it a little easier!

    I could be convinced to come to Belgium and wash windows...sounds like a good road trip, or air trip, to me :0)



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