Sunday, May 13, 2012

More of Grandma's Adventure

 Oh my gosh, where has the week gone? I completely lose track of time when I can finally get outside to my yard... and that happened this week! I will do a post when I finish with my spring yard project. Today I want to share pictures from the rest of my trip to visit my daughters.

This is my oldest daughter, Jenny, who lives in Chicago. She picked me up from my younger daughter's home in Indiana and off we went to play at her house.
 Our project for this visit was to transform a flower bed and create an outdoor sitting area. We made a couple of trips to round up plants, chairs, a firepit, bags of mulch and a few more plants!

 Here is the flower bed we when we started. We transplanted most of the flowers that were in there so we could start over.
And here is how it looked when we were finished.
We also extended the bed down the fence to connect it with another bed.  And we added a touch of fun-meet Chet.

The new quiet place...

We planted a couple of bushes on the left hand side of this space, transplanted the peony to the right hand side of the garage and added a couple of perennial grasses down the fence line. We found a couple of comfortable chairs  and a small table  along with a fire pit. It is hard to see in the picture, but we also added some  rope lights across the top of the garage. And wa-laa...a private little space to  spend summer evenings and make smores. Doesn't get much better than that! Unfortunately, we were unable to make smores as it started raining just as we finished. Guess that will have to wait until the next visit!

Jenny & Gretta trying out the new space
There is a world of difference between playing with the grandson and playing in the dirt, but I had a blast doing both...what a great trip! I love my time with my girls and their families...can't wait for the next round of adventures.


  1. You both did a lot of work! It looks so much better now.


    1. Thanks! I love creating outside as well as in my studio. I have a couple home projects and one more yard project to complete and then its back to the studio to start getting ready for next fall!


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