Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another Indiana Trip

I am back from another visit with my daughters, grandson and son-in-law. The time flies so fast but we made the most of it...we did some shopping, played with baby, did some yard work and painting, played with baby some more and just had lots of fun!  We added lots of great times to the memory bank!
These are my beautiful daughters and adorable grandson...appears my girls are not the only ones who like cheese!
This area of the yard was in need of a little attention...seems baby Greyson has been monopolizing Mom & Dad's time in a big way! We grabbed some bags and started pulling, cleaning and moving plants.
After cleaning, we added a layer of mulch to the whole area. This bird bath seemed like the perfect addition in the middle of this circle of plants.
We ended up with a great open space, so off we went on a shopping mission to find something to fill it. We come up with this swing and thought it would do the job.
Greyson seems to think it was a great idea!
He also had fun on the shopping trip with Mom and Grandma.
 Vicki and I are trying out a new recipe from her pinterest boards when we get together. This time is was peanut butter cookies, covered with a chocolate mixture, then coated with powdered sugar....YUMMY!  Reminds one of puppy chow.
And so the end to another week with my sweet grandson. It is always so hard to leave. He will be bringing Mom and Dad to stay with Grandpa & Grandma the end of next month. Needless to say, I am looking forward to the end of July! Not sure why his shirt says Grandpa is the best!?!

Now its time to get back to my craft studio and work on some more new patterns-
Take care,


  1. I'm glad you could visit your grandson again! He's so adorable! The swing is a great addition to the yard. You did a great job at their house, I can tell.


    1. Thanks, Goedele!
      I always appreciate you stopping by and leaving your comments! It was so fun spending time with my grandson but it is so hard to leave.

  2. Deb, the last picture is SO cute! What a little grin he has on his face - I think it's because Grandma is holding him but his shirt is talking about Grandpa! ~Ann

    1. Hi Ann-
      I think you are right-he already knows how to butter his bread on both sides! :0) I am maybe a little biased, but I do think he has the cutest smiles and laughs!
      Thanks for stopping by-


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