Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dozens of flowers blooming for a custom order!

I love Fall but I am not so fond of what follows, so I do hate to see summer end. We have had some pretty cool nights already, as low as 39 degrees, and it sure makes if feel like Fall will be here sooner than later.  But thanks to a wonderful customer, I have had flowers sprouting up like crazy and I thought I would share them with you.
This was the first set- a beautiful rainbow array to compliment her rainbow themed collections.

Then I made a couple of sets of prim sunflowers, each set a little different. I know I have a picture of the others but it must be on another card.

Yesterday I finished two sets of prim sunflower bowl fillers. This first set has burlap centers per her request-I love how they turned out. I wasn't sure if the burlap would unravel before I could get it sewed or not, but it worked out!
And the second set has chenille centers. I love the way they look, too! It is so fun to get a special request from a customer....and it is even more fun when I get it to turn out! Such a feeling of accomplishment!

These flowers will all be off the the beautiful state of Hawaii!
Thanks, Elke for making my summer last longer!

Now back to pumpkins,witches and snowmen-


  1. Wow an order for Hawaii. I suppose you don't get that every day!


  2. It was a first for me. The world seems so small on the computer it is hard to believe how many miles are between all of us!


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