Saturday, September 15, 2012

Special Order Completed

I created this ghost with his spider as a special request from an inspiring customer! It is so fun to get requests and make them come to life. I found a miniature scrabble game this summer at a rummage sale and I used some of the tiles as buttons that say BOO.
Hope he makes you smile, Michelle!
Thanks so much,

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dipping bulbs in silicone

I have a couple of things I want to try this summer and I finally got around to one of them! I had bought a bunch of the plastic flicker candles to use in my crafting, but they needed some help. I painted and grunged them but didn't like the bulb. I had pinned a tutorial on how to dip bulbs in silicone and wanted to try it so here is my effort.

I started by filling my bowl with silicone caulk- deep enough to cover my bulb, added a few drops of scented oil and some mineral spirits to thin the caulk a little.

I wrapped a piece of wire around the bulb to hang it by to dry,
and then dipped the bulb and twisted it as I pulled it out of  the caulk mixture as I didn't want a really smooth finish.

Then I hung them up to dry and took some pictures (which really did not turn out very well and I apologize). Seems simple enough the process of taking pictures I bumped my frame and knocked everything down. Sooooo-I wiped my bulbs off and started all over again. Don't ya hate it when ya clutz out!!
And here is what I ended up with. On some the candle will be cut off to use only the top, and on others the bottom will be inside the item and won't show. I don't have long tails on these bulbs as I used a little thicker caulk mixture since I didn't want them- I just wanted to frost the clear glass bulb. You can add color, cinnamon, or other ingredients for variety but I kept this first venture simple.
Click here to see the tutorial from Sue at Oodlekadoodle Primitives  where I found my inspiration and guidance from.  Visit her blog for complete instructions and see some of the bulbs she has created-she did a wonderful job creating the tutorial!

One project done- at least one more to try. I want to grunge wax candles next-wish me luck!