Saturday, November 10, 2012

Craft Show Booth Pictures

Wow- I can't believe how long its been since I have added a new post. Time flies when you are getting ready for craft shows! Here are a few pictures from my booth last Saturday. 

Some Fall and Halloween items with some cats...
A variety of snowmen... big, little, and some with lights...
...and more snowmen.
It was fun to have some BIG guys back. I haven't been able to make them since Walmart quit selling the Morning Glory stuffing.  I am soooo glad its back!


  Today I have been working on kitties- they continue to be a hit online and at my shows. I need to sew a few more cheeks and then get some hats and scarves on them. 

 And then there are some more snowmen to finish for another show next weekend.
I love doing shows and visiting with customers, it is so good for the ego! :0)
More pictures soon....Deb


  1. Que lindo Deb,amo seus trabalhos.Parabéns!

  2. Wow, in how much time did you make this? It looks like a lot of work. My favorite is the big pumpkin in the first picture. What is sitting on top of it? A little scarecrow? Or a crow?


    1. Hi Goedele-
      Good to hear from you again!
      I started early summer so I have had snowmen in my house for months! I am always so confused about which season it is :0)
      There is a little mouse with a rake on top of the pumpkin.

  3. Goodness girl, you have been very, very busy!! Looking good! I always enjoyed the craft shows too. I actually liked setting up and arranging my space, visiting with the people, talking with other vendors... always a good time to me.


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