Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dozens of flowers blooming for a custom order!

I love Fall but I am not so fond of what follows, so I do hate to see summer end. We have had some pretty cool nights already, as low as 39 degrees, and it sure makes if feel like Fall will be here sooner than later.  But thanks to a wonderful customer, I have had flowers sprouting up like crazy and I thought I would share them with you.
This was the first set- a beautiful rainbow array to compliment her rainbow themed collections.

Then I made a couple of sets of prim sunflowers, each set a little different. I know I have a picture of the others but it must be on another card.

Yesterday I finished two sets of prim sunflower bowl fillers. This first set has burlap centers per her request-I love how they turned out. I wasn't sure if the burlap would unravel before I could get it sewed or not, but it worked out!
And the second set has chenille centers. I love the way they look, too! It is so fun to get a special request from a customer....and it is even more fun when I get it to turn out! Such a feeling of accomplishment!

These flowers will all be off the the beautiful state of Hawaii!
Thanks, Elke for making my summer last longer!

Now back to pumpkins,witches and snowmen-

Friday, August 17, 2012

"Fall Into Thanksgiving with OFG" is underway!

It is time for the first Fall Celebration by the Old Farmhouse Gathering Team (OFG). Stop by and see all the NEW items that have been created and listed especially for this celebration...I promise, you will not be disappointed. There is something for everyone!
The slide show below is just a sample of the new treasures. Enter FITOFG into the search bar on etsy to check out all of the wonderful items.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Preparing for the Fall Craft Season

That exciting season is fast approaching...Craft Season! The majority of my treasures revolve around the fall and winter seasons so I do a couple of local craft shows. I love selling at can you not love it when people are buying the fruits of your labor and telling you how much they love them. It is so good for the soul!

I continue to work on building my inventory- body parts are starting to pile up. Snowmen and cats in this room...
..and more snowmen in another room. Need I say snowmen are my favorite?  So many snowmen to make and the days are flying by. I can't seem to keep up with myself!
I spent today on my sewing machine stitching together  piles of items I had cut out earlier. I now have cats, several different snowmen, a couple of different reindeer, some snelfs (snow elfs) and mice sewn together and ready to turn and stuff. There are about 45 items in this pile for my evening enjoyment.

I have a couple of custom orders to get done and then back to some Halloween and Fall items. Snowmen will get stuffed and assembled later!

On another note, the OFG team is having a Fall Into Thanksgiving Celebration that starts this Friday. Lots of new Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving items will be unveiled. I will have 4 new Halloween items featured. I hope you will stop back and check it out. I will post the link on my blog.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Trying a Wood Project

Here is my latest fabric or stuffing involved in this one! My daughter and I saw an airplane rocker we thought the newest man in the family needed. Of course, being the 'try anything' crafty person I am, I pipe up "I can make one of those". Some day I need to learn to think before I speak!! Anyway, I found a pattern and here is how it turned out.
I traced the pattern onto my wood, grabbed my safety goggles and fired up the scroll saw.
A couple of hours later I had a pile of pieces cut out, sanded and ready to paint. I got so excited to put it together I forgot to take a picture of all the painted pieces.
And wouldn't you know it, the assembly diagram was missing from my pattern, so I only had the written directions, but I got it done and everything appears to be in the right place! :o) it is...all together and even personalized with tail numbers and "Li'l G".
This is the first project like this I have done...I feel kind of proud looking at it! Plus it was fun to do!

And here is the new pilot checking out his first plane. Gotta make sure that propeller is going to spin!

This is a special gift for his first birthday that he got a little early when he come to visit Grandpa & Grandma. He sure kept us busy during the day- we let Mom & Dad take the night shift!
They headed back to Indiana today so Grandma is a little sad-it has been awfully quiet around here since they left.

Well, after playing Grandma for the last couple of weeks, I guess it is time for me to get back up to my sewing studio to finish some orders and get some new fall items done!

Take care and keep smiling,