Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Playing With My New Camera

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for a Wonderful 2013!

I decided it would be nice to have a 'Do Nothing' day...sort of.  I bought a new camera last fall and haven't had a lot of time to learn how to use it. I've been reading my 'Dummies' book these last few days, so I decided to see if I have learned anything. Here are some pictures of Valentine's items I was getting ready for my Etsy shop.

I have set up a "white box" area with several lights so I would have a consistent look for every shot. Sigh...it was a good thought! Seems I can't get the background white to look the same on all my pictures even though they are all photographed the same. Appears I need more work with the editing software. (Sounds like a good goal for 2013.) I guess we will see if I get more accomplished as the year goes by- wish me luck! Feel free to pass on any photography advice-it looks like the camera cannot take great pictures all by itself :0) Cheers for the New Year- Deb