Saturday, March 9, 2013

Shopping fun!

One only has to look at the date of the last post to realize how fast the days go by!

I took a couple of days off and rode along with my husband to some meetings he had. It is an 200 mile journey each way, but it is where the closest fabric stores are.  I would have eight full hours to myself to spend shopping...does it get any better?
We had a nice dinner Thursday night, got a good nights sleep, and I hit the ground running Friday morning...I did slow down a bit when I dropped my husband off.  I spent a couple of hours in JoAnns alone, taking full advantage of the Coupon Commotion Sale that is going on. I had mailer coupons, internet coupons and email coupons in hand...did I have a blast using all those coupons!
I  also spent time in Hobby Lobby, Hancock Fabrics, and Mill End Textiles. Here are all the treasures I accumulated in my venture. I found fabric for a couple of special orders, restocked some plush felt and scrim, picked up some new stuffing tools to try, and found fabric for some new patterns I want to get made up, (plus a few pieces I just liked).  I always use any extra coupons to add to my stash of the electric country candles. See the pink, yellow, orange and green pieces? Those are burlap, I can't believe all of the colors it comes in these days!  I couldn't pass it up. I am thinking there is a way to make some cool flowers out of it.
Now to make room in my studio for more stuff! 
Have a great day everyone-


  1. Ooooooh how fun! That is a very nice addition to your studio. Do tell me about the coupon commotion please! So you can use more than one at JoAnns? Or is it just at certain times? I had no idea you could do that. I never leave any of them places without using a coupon, even if it is just for one yard of fabric, hehe. I can't believe your closest fabric store is 200 miles away, wow that would be hard.

    Cute creations, love it all but especially the chocolate bunnies! Have a wonderful weekend Deb~

  2. Hi Angie-
    You can use multiple coupons at a time at JoAnnns. They have a coupon commotion sale a few times a year. You can sign up to receive their sales flyer in the mail, which has I think 12 coupons for 40% & 50% off. You can also sign up to receive adds online-there were four 50% off coupons to print off. And if you have a smart phone and put the JoAnns app on it, you get coupons sent to you there, also. I think I had thirteen 50% coupons and ten 40% coupons. You can usually get a version of the flyer in the store with several 40% coupons if you are not signed up to get any. Sadly, I believe this sale ended today.
    I wait for these sales to make a trip for fabric and supplies- they make a real difference.
    Thanks for stopping by-hope you get to a coupon sale!


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