Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Special Order Complete!

I received this special request from a customer that lives in an assisted living center. She wanted a doll to decorate outside her door for the seasons since she put her snowman away.  She stopped by and we picked out some fabrics and accessories to create a doll along the line of a red-hatter.
 And here is how it come together. Miss Red is 3 1/2 feet tall with a red dress and hat with a variety of outfits. Her first outfit is for Easter- she has a basket with eggs and there are eggs in her changeable hat piece.
This will be her fall look,
her spring outfit with a bouquet of flowers,
and her red, white and blue outfit for summer complete with a pinwheel!
I think she turned out pretty cute! She will be going to her new home tomorrow.  On to my next project!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

April? Spring?

Can someone give Mother Nature a call and remind her it is spring? And it is supposed to be April showers that bring May flowers..NOT snow!!   A week ago almost all of our snow had melted. Last Thursday we received 8 inches of snow. Now on Sunday it is doing this-again!
 And on this Monday morning, here is what it looks like 12 inches later! What the heck is going on already? On the bright side, at least it is moisture and one should never complain about that (it doesn't mean that I won't, though  :-).
 So on Sunday, while my husband watched golf, I cut out bunches of snowmen and Santa cats to add to the other cut out piles in preparation for craft shows next fall. It just seemed like the thing to do on a snowy day.
And now the sun is shining and the wind is starting to blow the snow out of the trees. Time to bundle up and move some snow...and pray that the snow predicted for later this week doesn't show up!!
Take care,

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More Grandma time!

I just spent almost 2 weeks with this special little guy and his folks. Did he keep me busy-nothing like trying to keep up with an 18 month old!  He LOVES to be outside-warmer weather can't get here too soon. He would come up to me with his boots, hat and mittens. It wasn't hard to tell what he wanted to do!

There was one beautiful day we headed to the park. He was one happy little boy!
The days went by so fast and now I am back home. Time to get some orders done and in the mail!

Looks like spring may be just around the corner- most of our snow is gone and the birds are singing like crazy! My thermometer showed 62 degrees today-awesome!! It is supposed to be cooler the rest of the week with a chance for rain. That should take care of the rest of our snow.  I hope it is nice wherever you are.

Happy Spring!