Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More Grandma time!

I just spent almost 2 weeks with this special little guy and his folks. Did he keep me busy-nothing like trying to keep up with an 18 month old!  He LOVES to be outside-warmer weather can't get here too soon. He would come up to me with his boots, hat and mittens. It wasn't hard to tell what he wanted to do!

There was one beautiful day we headed to the park. He was one happy little boy!
The days went by so fast and now I am back home. Time to get some orders done and in the mail!

Looks like spring may be just around the corner- most of our snow is gone and the birds are singing like crazy! My thermometer showed 62 degrees today-awesome!! It is supposed to be cooler the rest of the week with a chance for rain. That should take care of the rest of our snow.  I hope it is nice wherever you are.

Happy Spring!


  1. Deb, there is nothing like a Grandmother's LOVE!
    He is a doll and looks so happy spending time with his Grammy!
    You are making memories that will last a lifetime!
    Tricia XO

  2. I miss my daughter at that age...a lot of running! LOL Wonderful you were able to spend special time with your loved ones! Have a fun day creating ~*~Lisa

  3. How adorable~ hope you had a nice visit.
    Happy spring~ Blessings ~Sara


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