Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Special Order Complete!

I received this special request from a customer that lives in an assisted living center. She wanted a doll to decorate outside her door for the seasons since she put her snowman away.  She stopped by and we picked out some fabrics and accessories to create a doll along the line of a red-hatter.
 And here is how it come together. Miss Red is 3 1/2 feet tall with a red dress and hat with a variety of outfits. Her first outfit is for Easter- she has a basket with eggs and there are eggs in her changeable hat piece.
This will be her fall look,
her spring outfit with a bouquet of flowers,
and her red, white and blue outfit for summer complete with a pinwheel!
I think she turned out pretty cute! She will be going to her new home tomorrow.  On to my next project!!


  1. Deb, she is fabulous! What a wonderful idea to make up different outfits for her for each season, I'm sure your customer will be thrilled!

  2. She is adorable and I love her seasonal outfits! That is fun and cute, great idea!

  3. So very creative but then all of your things are UNIQUE!!!


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